Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese is a Senior Fellow with Women in International Security (WIIS). She served as a University Professor and Chair of the National Security Affairs Department at the Naval War College between 2002-2022. She has also been part of the Government Department faculty of Harvard Extension and Summer Schools since 2004, teaching courses on Women, Peace & Security, Leadership in War and Peace, and Grand Strategy & US National Security. She is the author of multiple non-fiction books and articles, including Women vs Women: The Case for Cooperation (2022), Women, Peace & Security: An Introduction (2018), and Space Warfare in the 21st Century (2016), a featured speaker at numerous national and international events, an experienced media consultant, and has extensive experience lecturing, working with students and conducting research in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.


TEDx Talks
Half of Heaven: Why More Women are Needed in National Security | Joan Johnson-Freese | TEDxNewport


“Integrating Women into Non-Traditional Fields: Athena and Beyond,” Proceedings,
USNI, June 2017.